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Friday 17th October 2014

Quick-fire Q + A with Elvet Williams

What position do you play?

Head coach and team manager of Royal Marines RFC

What tempted you to sign up to play in the Medics Rugby Challenge?

Having the privilege of being in the Royal Marines and knowing what both sides have done and been involved in, and a great charity helps underline the event.

How many editions of the Medics Rugby Challenge have you played in?

This will be my 5th Medics Rugby Challenge

What is the nature of the rivalry between the Medics and the Royal Marines?

I feel that we have a healthy rivalry, with both teams focused on taking the trophy off each other.

How is training going?

Due to the nature of our jobs and the different locations of Royal Marine units, it does become difficult to get the team in one place. But, we played Topsham in September and then traveled to Gibraltar for the RM350 fixture Vs Gibraltar, both games had different results and our next game is the week before the medics challenge (first game of the inter commands).

Do you think you have a good chance of winning this year’s game?

There is a 50/50 chance of winning this year (sitting on the fence), with many of our seasoned players being deployed around the globe on exercises. It’s now a chance for the new young lads to experience a great event, and retain the cup.

How important is this fixture for the Medics and the Royal Marines in a sporting, as well as a wider sense?

This event is massively important for the development of players of both teams, and to help keep a great close bond between the medics and the military for whom they care for.

In one sentence, why should the public come and support this event?

This is a great event for a great charity, both teams do a lot for this country and it's not too much to ask for a little support back.