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Thursday 23rd October 2014

Quick-fire Q + A with Thomas Lloyd Jones

What position do you play?

I’m captain and back row for the Medics team.

What tempted you to sign up to play in the Medics Rugby Challenge?

It’s the biggest game of our calendar year and it’s for a very good cause. The whole squad relishes the opportunity to play against the Royal Marines and we are looking forward to another hard hitting game this year.

How many editions of the Medics Rugby Challenge have you played in?

This will be my third and final game; my first year as captain - I am looking forward to leading the boys out.

What is the nature of the rivalry between the Medics and the Royal Marines?

These games are always hugely physical and competitive, the Royal Marines always want to put one over on the students and we want to prove we are good enough to compete with boys who are professionally fit and tough. Having said that the post game is always good natured and the whole event is always played in great spirit.

How is training going?

With the localities split as they are and many senior players away on elective, training has been tricky. But with everyone back we are looking better every session and have some good young talent stepping up to take the spots of those who left last year. The squad has great strength in depth and this is really driving standards up.

Do you think you have a good chance of winning this year’s game?

We always have a good chance of winning; it falls to us to perform on the day. The Royal Marines are strong, fast and well organised but anything can happen on a rugby pitch. We believe we have the talent to make it a really good game this year.

How important is this fixture for the Medics and the Royal Marines in a sporting, as well as a wider sense?

This is the biggest fixture on our list; this is the one our players really want to be selected for so I know how huge it is for the Medics. The wider context is that this is a great fixture to raise the profile of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust fund and keep the issue of help for injured veterans in the public conscience.

In one sentence, why should the public come and support the event?

The MRC is a great game and a brilliant night, all for one of the best causes, come watch the Medics play to get one back on the Royal Marines!